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“In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are
doing what they love.” 
— Warren Buffett

This quote is indicative of The Savory Affair’s Jessica Granatiero!

Jessica has a background in business, creating in 2006 the nationally recognized Savory Grape Wine Shop that brings a unique educational and shopping experience to clients.  “The Grape”, as fans fondly refer to it, has a penchant for unique experiences and boutique wine, craft beer and spirits. And, the experiences her clientele were looking for were social based – including corporate and non-profit events, and those closer to home like showers, weddings, milestone birthdays and anything else you want to celebrate. In response to the market demand for her time, communications and planning abilities she launched The Savory Affair Event Planning and Design Consultation Company.

Bred from passion and expertise in event planning, marketing and food and wine, The Savory Affair is a New England corporate & social event planning company. From location procurement and venue décor to guest list management, invitations, photography, entertainment and day-of management, The Savory Affair event planning team will provide you with a custom plan that captures your vision and budget – small or large, corporate or social. It’s what they do best.

Photo Credit: Blueflash Photography

Jessica’s knowledge of, and joy in, the local community is evident in the relationships she creates with clients. Her warm and inviting personality immediately puts them at ease and in return, they put their faith in Jessica and her team. Regardless of the type of event, The Savory Affair makes customer visions into realities. “Our whole idea is based on the premise that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put on a great event,” said Granatiero. “We have had some large corporate clients with big budgets, but we’ve also done a lot of smaller parties. You don’t have to have a big event to have a memorable event and you don’t always have to spend a lot of money. Our real goal is to form long-lasting relationships with our personal and corporate clients.”

The Savory Affair is not a “typical” event planning company! Granatiero has an eye for talent in the event business and she and her team have energy, imagination and the right amount of flare to develop unique ideas and concepts to get you what you want. Best of all, they handle all the logistics including dealing with their partner vendors or ones you may have already chosen to produce amazing events. They produce events that resembled theatre, bring celebrity concerts to the local area, successfully raise funds for local charities, make the “I Dos” so much more special,  and design themed at home events.


Photo Credit: Silver & Salt Photography featuring ENCORE

Jessica and her team love to help their clients! Event planning should not be intimidating and they take the sting and worry out of the equation. Want a party but too busy to plan? No problem! Chose one of their four new Savory Experiences – packages for the discerning wine connoisseur to enjoy at home. Designed with tailored socializing in mind, these tasting experiences will delight your senses and those of your closest friends or family as the tastings are brought to you. Together, you can have fun and explore the nuances of a variety of complex flavors.

Going a step further into creating unique, and memorable experiences, The Savory Affair also develops and conducts “boutique-styled”, personalized tours of Napa Valley and the popular “Savoring Italy” tours in Tuscany. Combining the unparalleled service of The Savory Affair with the vineyard connections and wine knowledge of The Savory Grape, each trip offers a personalized, behind-the-scenes look at these epicurean worlds. In order to provide tailored, individualized experiences, the trips host a limited number of guests and are personally guided Jessica.

The Savory Affair team sees to every planning detail and they live by the motto of “sip, savor and socialize without worrying about the details” so you and your guests can enjoy the splendor of the occasion effortlessly.


Photo: Jessica Granatiero

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