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How much do your bands cost?

Our bands range from roughly $9,000-$15,000 for local events, depending on the group, date, and specific location.

People commonly compare one band to another based solely on cost. But it’s important to keep in mind not all bands or companies are created equal. We recommend you ask as many questions as you can about a company’s tenure, policies, and ethics. 

Several factors determine band cost:

Band size. Larger groups (9-11 pieces) tend to be more costly than smaller groups (6-7 pieces). The difference in size is generally based on A) the number of horns and/or B) the number of lead vocalists.

Tenure. Recently-formed bands are often priced more aggressively than bands that possess longer tenures.

Location. Cost is relative to your venue’s distance from Boston, MA. We arrange charter flights for island events and distances that exceed approx. 4 hours of drive time from Boston, MA.

Event Date. The calendar year is separated into prime months and off-season months, each with varying costs. And within peak months (April to October), there are some Fridays and Sundays that yield lower call volume. We reduce our costs for such dates.

Supply and Demand. This has more to do with a band’s cost than any other factor. The most requested ensembles, those who book 1-2 years in advance, will be the most costly.

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