Cruiseport Wedding Featuring Radiance


Liz and Jon got married on a gorgeous Friday in September at Cruiseport Gloucester. Following a lovely church ceremony, guests retreated to the Grand Ballroom which was immaculately decorated. Candles softly glimmered inside lighthouse figurines, casting a romantic glow onto peach and ivory floral arrangements.

Liz&Jon-10 Liz&Jon-101 Liz&Jon-424 Liz&Jon-501

After dinner the party was treated to an outstanding performance by Radiance! The couple and their guests smiled bright as that danced with full hearts. Every moment was captured by Shannon Cronin‘s dazzling photos, and in LMV Productions video! Skip to to the 3 minute mark to see Radiance in action!

Liz&Jon-635 Liz&Jon-642 Liz&Jon-649 Liz&Jon-654 Liz&Jon-674 Liz&Jon-765 Liz&Jon-769 Liz&Jon-814 Liz&Jon-869 Liz&Jon-870 Liz&Jon-871

Liz & Jon: A Wedding at Cruiseport Gloucester from LMV Productions on Vimeo.

Featuring: Cruiseport Gloucester, Gloucester, MA | Shannon Cronin Photography, Boston, MA/San Diego, CA | LMV Productions, Saco, ME | Radiance band