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When I hire a band will the lead singer be the same for my event?

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A band is more than just a lead singer; they are they sum of all their parts. The best bands in New England, those who boast 15+ year track records, have all had at least one change to a lead singer throughout their career. Bands who remain in-demand despite changes have done so by improving their line-up, continuing to grow, and constantly raising the bar. In the end, a band leader that draws on the collective talents of the band creates the most amazing celebrations. It’s analogous to a sports team, whose coach has a responsibility to put the best players on the field.

Nonetheless, we are all attracted to bands based on their vocalist. Because of this, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is:

“Can you guarantee the lead singers in my band will be the same at my event ?”

No matter what you are told, no one can make this guarantee. For example, if a lead singer gained a recording contract, no agreement could guarantee their appearance. And while we only seek out individuals with firmly placed roots, personnel changes and emergencies can occur. Our standard practice is as such:

If a lead singer is replaced, we will notify you, introduce to you to the new vocalist and invite you to a showcase to view the band. If for any reason you are unhappy after the viewing and wish to void your contract, we will refund your deposit. While the changes we’ve made to our bands over the years have made them stronger, we want you to remain confident that you won’t be locked into a band if you are unhappy with a change of vocalists.

If there is an emergency with a lead vocalist prior to or on the day of your event, we spare no expense to provide a replacement of equal or greater talent. After serving the community for over 25 years, we have the largest network of performers in New England and beyond. We once flew a singer in from Las Vegas to cover for a vocalist attending a funeral, when we were unhappy with the local vocalists available on that weekend. While these situations are the exception rather than the rule, rest assured that we will “have your back” in the case of an emergency. We even have a 24 hour emergency phone system that rings straight to our cell phones for those pre-event jitters.

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