What is your standard cancellation policy?

If you are forced to cancel at any time before the event, we take the following actions:

1) Issue notice of cancellation

2) Aggressively pursue any opportunities for a re-booking of the canceled date

If we can re-book the band for the canceled date, we will refund your first payment (minus a $495 administrative fee).

If we are unable to re-book the band for the canceled date, we retain your first payment as damages for the loss of work. It is the musicians themselves that receive this partial income.

We have a great incentive to re-book a canceled date because A) we want to work and B) we take no pleasure in retaining first payments. However, we are almost entirely at the mercy of the call volume we receive post-cancellation. The closer to the date you cancel, the fewer opportunities we will have. Most people search for entertainment 10 months – 2 years in advance of their celebration.

Lastly, we also have a “Force Majeure” clause, under which our agreement would become null and void, and the first payment returned. This protects both parties if performance is rendered impossible by “acts of God,”; defined as worldwide pandemics, extreme weather conditions, including but not limited to blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes; as well as man-made disasters such as acts of terrorism and war; and unforeseen government regulations or restrictions. 

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