One Step Ahead Perform At Lyman Estate, Waltham, MA 7/6/13
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One Step Ahead recently had the pleasure of performing at Margaret and Grayson’s wedding at the very enchanting Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA. After receiving the most gushing and gracious note below, we just had to post a few of the couple’s amazing wedding photos by Lisa Rigby along with it.

7/6/13 Wedding at Lyman Estate, Waltham MA with One Step Ahead

“Where to begin? I cannot speak about One Step Ahead without acting like Giada DeLaurentiis after she tastes something she’s made…and in case that’s too specific a reference for you, what I mean is ‘oooooh myy guuuh–AMAZING.’

I was initially nervous about booking a band sight unseen, but Giovanni’s voice sounded too good to pass up. Fortunately, the gamble played off: the real thing was even better than the video! Giovanni was amaaaazing, I love love looove his voice. (I love his voice so much I want to marry it and then as a bonus I’ll get to have a second wedding for One Step Ahead to play at!) Anyway, Giovanni sang “Time After Time” as our wedding song and I hope I don’t offend anybody when I say that he truly gave Chet Baker a run for his money with that performance. Lily, the female vocalist, has an equally gorgeous voice — and I am incredibly “voice picky”– hers is clear yet soulful, she could sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and have the crowd calling ‘encore!’ There was also a third vocalist (I regret I don’t know his name!) who sang “Simple Man” for the Mother-Son song and he captured the Lynryd Skynyrd sound perfectly. Bottom line: the talent is off the charts and their versatility is beyond impressive. They have all the tools and “ear” to create the perfect sound for each song/genre.

Lastly, as hosts/emcees, they were uber professional and let their sound be their main presence. By this I mean they did an excellent job of reading the energy of the crowd, segueing from song to song based on the feel of the dance floor, and incorporating our “please play” and “do not play” lists–all in a “not in your face” kind of way. They were definitely the pulse and heart of the party, but they never made it about them–NEVER schticky or cheesy. They did a wonderful job with the formalities/announcements, making a point to establish what we did and didn’t want to do weeks before the wedding. [One Step Ahead], I can’t thank you enough!!!”

Margaret and Grayson, married July 6, 2013

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