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Willowdale Estate Wedding Featuring Beantown 5/10/14

Glamorous Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Featuring Encore 8/16/14

Spring Wedding At Blithewold Mansion Featuring The Connection 5/17/14

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding Featuring Eye 2 Eye 8/1/14

Stylish Liberty Hotel Wedding Featuring One Step Ahead 9/6/14

Rustic Accents At Easton Beach Rotunda Wedding Featuring FreeStyle 9/26/14

Good Words: Recent Wedding Band Reviews for The Connection, Splash!, FreeStyle, and Boss

Seaside Wedding At West Dennis Yacht Club Featuring Boss 9/20/2014

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Opting for a private residence for your wedding venue opens up all kinds of creative possibilities. Vivian and Ryan took advantage of the stunning views of West Yarmouth on Cape Cod for their September nuptials last year. The couple exchanged vows under a chic teepee, with teal bridal party accents complimenting the blue harbor views.

Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0001 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0005 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0011 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0023 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0027 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0638 Fun And Flirty Tented Wedding In West Yarmouth Featuring Boss 9/13/14 - Sarah Murray Photography

Guests gathered under the reception tent to eat, drink, and dance the night away to Boss! Check out all of Sarah Murray Photography‘s awesome photos in the gallery below.

Read what the Bride had to say about Boss‘s awesome performance:

“From start to finish Boss was flawless! We started off our reception with a 30 minute dance set and instantly there were about 80 people on the dance floor. We gave very few specifications about what types of music we wanted to hear and were thrilled that Boss was able to read the crowd to keep them on their feet. Later in the night Boss initiated an epic dance off that will never be forgotten! During the wedding (and since) every single guest has complemented Boss and told us how much fun they had on the dance floor (like, really, everyone!) One guest even held up a lighter as the guitarist did his solo! Boss truly made our wedding!!”

Thank you!
-Vivian Intermont

Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0709 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0753 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0756 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0881 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0945 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0972 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0991 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_0993 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_1013 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_1014 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_1028 Vivian_Ryan_Private_Home_Yarmouth_Wedding_Massachusetts_Sarah_Murray_Photography_Photo_1048Featuring: Sarah Murray Photography, Cape Cod, MA | Boss band

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The Mountain View Grand Resort was the ideal location for London-based couple Grant and Lindsey. The lavish guest rooms, mountain beauty, multiple ceremony sites and the Crystal Ballroom all wowed Lindsey during a stateside visit, and the venue was decided!

As we’ve seen before, planning a wedding from London can prove to be a difficult task. Luckily Lindsey’s Mother jumped right in and pulled it all together. In Lindsey’s Dad’s words, it was her Mother’s “Super Bowl.”

mountain view grand wedding-_0391 mountain view grand wedding-_0402 mountain view grand wedding-_0408 mountain view grand wedding-_0427 mountain view grand wedding-_0430 mountain view grand wedding-_0431

Saturday brought perfect weather for a ceremony and cocktail hour on the Grand Fountain Terrace. The reception followed in the elegant Crystal Ballroom with live entertainment by The Hub! Check out Rick Bouthiette Photography‘s images from the entire day in the gallery below.

I_0823 I_0827 I_0828 I_0903 I_0905 I_0907 I_0911 I_0971 I_0983Sunny Mountain View Grand Resort Wedding Featuring The Hub 8/9/14 - Rick Bouthiette Photography I_1000 I_1056

Featuring: Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield, NH | Rick Bouthiette Photography | The Hub band

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Liz and Jon got married on a gorgeous Friday in September at Cruiseport Gloucester. Following a lovely church ceremony, guests retreated to the Grand Ballroom which was immaculately decorated. Candles softly glimmered inside lighthouse figurines, casting a romantic glow onto peach and ivory floral arrangements.

Liz&Jon-10 Liz&Jon-101 Liz&Jon-424 Liz&Jon-501

After dinner the party was treated to an outstanding performance by Radiance! The couple and their guests smiled bright as that danced with full hearts. Every moment was captured by Shannon Cronin‘s dazzling photos, and in LMV Productions video! Skip to to the 3 minute mark to see Radiance in action!

Liz&Jon-635 Liz&Jon-642 Liz&Jon-649 Liz&Jon-654 Liz&Jon-674
Liz&Jon-765 Liz&Jon-769 Liz&Jon-814 Liz&Jon-869 Liz&Jon-870 Liz&Jon-871

Liz & Jon: A Wedding at Cruiseport Gloucester from LMV Productions on Vimeo.

Featuring: Cruiseport Gloucester, Gloucester, MA | Shannon Cronin Photography, Boston, MA/San Diego, CA | LMV Productions, Saco, ME | Radiance band

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Friends came from across the globe to celebrate Ciaran and Erin’s big day at Squantum Association this past summer. Ciaran is from Ireland, and the couple lives in Dubai, so they really took advantage of having everyone they love under one roof for the day, even celebrating a friend’s birthday alongside their wedding celebration!

Squantum-Association-Wedding22 Squantum-Association-Wedding25 Erin&Ciaran376 Erin&Ciaran374 Erin&Ciaran368 Erin&Ciaran435 Erin&Ciaran486Guests held each other close and danced the night away with Splash! Congratulations to this rad couple. Check out all of Joshua Behan’s photos in the gallery below!

Squantum-Association-Wedding27 Erin&Ciaran439 Erin&Ciaran474 Erin&Ciaran475 Erin&Ciaran476 Erin&Ciaran508 Erin&Ciaran514 Erin&Ciaran519 Erin&Ciaran528 Erin&Ciaran523 Erin&Ciaran521 Erin&Ciaran532 Erin&Ciaran544 Erin&Ciaran547 Erin&Ciaran569 Erin&Ciaran577 Featuring: Squantum Association, East Providence, RI | Joshua Behan Photography, Westerly, RI | Splash! band

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Spring Wedding At Blithewold Mansion Featuring The Connection 5/17/14

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