Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Wedding Featuring Encore


Play music, will travel! Last August Encore traveled to Pittsburgh to perform at Natalie and Simon’s wedding at the Omni William Penn Hotel. The day was filled with amazing one-of-a-kind moments, and SkySight Photography captured them all. On their way to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the lovebirds exchanged excited text messages. Following a sensational ceremony, the newlyweds posed for a photo with the surprise hearts drawn on the column in the background!

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The wedding party walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge where some police officers were kind enough to hold traffic for some fantastic shots. Chocolate menus, a sparking white candy bar, and a wedding cake suspended from the ceiling made this a truly sweet reception. Guests could hardly contain themselves when Encore took the stage, even erupting into some spontaneous breakdancing!

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Featuring: Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA | SkySight Photography, Greensburg, PA | Encore band