New Videos From One Step Ahead
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One of the most useful tools our clients request when trying to make a decision about their wedding entertainment is videos of the bands they are interested in. While we provide monthly opportunities to see bands live and in the flesh, sometimes schedules just simply get in the way. As such, we are constantly updating our band pages and YouTube channel with great new videos that showcase the style, variety, and overall vibe of each Wilson Stevens band.

The majority of our bands bookings are taken sight-unseen, based primarily on videos, reputation, and online reviews. As a rule, our videos are entirely representative of each band’s sound and feel. There are no smoke and mirrors. Simply put, our bands are only better in a live setting.

With that said, we’re releasing these fresh new videos featuring Wilson Stevens band One Step Ahead. One Step Ahead recently wowed Margaret and Grayson, who said, “I was initially nervous about booking a band sight unseen, but Giovanni’s voice sounded too good to pass up. Fortunately, the gamble played off: the real thing was even better than the video!”

With a range of musical backgrounds, influences and experiences, One Step Ahead has no trouble inciting a little dance fever by covering artists ranging from Sly and the Family Stone to Flo Rida. Check out their rendition of “Good Feeling” below, as well as a collection of other great songs in the video playlist.