Cuttyhunk Island Featuring One Step Ahead


Nestled between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound, Cuttyhunk Island  very well may be Cape Cod’s best kept secret. Having worked on thousands of events throughout New England over the last 30 years, Cuttyhunk was one destination Wilson Stevens had never ventured. And locals like it that way, often approving newcomers’ “intentions” before asking if they’ll return to the small patch of land that feels all but forgotten since its discovery by the English in 1602.

No need for more than just one market, one raw bar, or one ice cream shop, the island’s (unofficial) website boasts that the best thing to do on Cuttyhunk Island is a “whole lot of nothing.” But on an afternoon late in June, Cuttyhunk’s typical cloud coverage broke to make way for perhaps the best activity the island could hope to host. Christine and Bo’s wedding.

With so few distractions, guests couldn’t help but lose themselves in the magic surrounding the island, and Christine and Bo.  Vibrant in their simplicity, Channing Johnson‘s photos evoke the feeling that nothing, and no one, other than the couple and their loved ones existed as they danced deep into the night to One Step Ahead


Channing Johnson Photography | Avalon Inn, Cuttyhunk, MA