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June 19, 2015   Leave a Comment
Nicole Chan

“Told by so many people it was the best wedding band they have ever seen!!!! Thank you!!”

When the bride sends a note like that, you know it was a great party! Katie and James chose the Fairmont Copley Plaza for their wedding this spring, and One Step Ahead to provide fantastic entertainment. The couple took advantage of the Fairmont Copley’s exquisite decor, opting for neutral tones with gold and pink accents that created a truly elegant and glittering setting.
Nicole Chan Nicole Chan ⲯ–DÎ~,žÿgXqb¾lÙ<žÔ†ª¦x+bñ¢‘ڝ–8i–ÉdnïOµ­	8Òù¾a*[=ûºGÙmúª¢'¨T¢§‘FÉ÷»•B{/›7.Tö+ƈ½ÔRSÕ+:ÕLñï†c¹J·ï;<ÍåÒüKìZT6XºLt݂8êÊSÔ¾MB•,Xœà8ÈÙþ±—4÷¡°•";­æZ§÷( 'Ê9.Ñ»@Ço]¿•Ü,°i"z+Ž¶*‹2S´QüDs‘,nëñD_'áõø|»ƒß~àiIlÁTÝwŠÕ4‹rf–›{ÒÃ1ĬW6äà¶÷ôÖ×m‰mþíÕ=eON®CÆõ ©”@ßFœº–A´ú?4Û±y2I$g¢/ûÔÍ<“xžv%ŽT“Üþ:¦	=‰‚N· ¶ÓÜë,3¥1©ñ‘€elxRyÜXiqI&¹A¹º]¥aš•³ÙŒ,ú«Wí.„©i䧭¸ÊK/‡Uîë$lvå<¤ÙÈú2|ڏ؉.ÕäŽV…¶	08ä=mRHŒ÷PÝÚÝf†¢wM°ÆǞGá£Å‹T©“&˜ÙnßíNÆôËÊϖ]¯ Ù!`8ÿÔÃcGöi.+:|™žë얽KKmJy•âfÊÇ-‚£Ê€ù”·÷N†ˆ©ý¦En¸ËmU¸„`Çŕ<7ë§ãéíX©f§C7¶NœÚQÖDOhÖ$äöÀÚÚ?	ýñ/ܤþѨ,é_~ó-uóDÌÌW rxãýp:fÂN+“ž^®Þü°š¨U±´‚I”€]]ˀÊ{2çÓþÎÇãS•ò	’fQE<d†ˆ¬ä7(äO¿NŠå.ÌpIÃÊebïV’f (sø|*5ÎkcjhLž/W‰Wávð5ь­Y‰Æ¶42îR g€=uz¬­']µû/EX'¿¢x‹ji"æRTcÌ플|	þö±·¢Õ¾Y¦Ö­vÛªˆ ³[££øÑxm'ùŒ±äÿÇ«R²KUtÖºá3°åXÄl™fÉ۝¾cÏÕÕUöS	ÒÙêjfŽ(ëž"Ë! ´|òÙ9Ç]ÝÖÂe*Vëj3GZ–ÁTՑӤQ¤ÞPÌ}m Ö^£ñNè²:_õf‹f—óhèÖí‰ê_^h¤…%`¬˜UPÇ8<ûu¥;¡G¡ŒF¨€|‰ØyïŸLgRR²ã¶ÇÿÕã3ûFê‰i‹-Bôãd(ïŽXï×!tNŽÃêe@:û­Ö²MõsI&9&F.;úg¶q”äùÒUÈ-ț‰Þ¬€|*uŠqó"ö?µMÓ^4ÔRE<s쒲žVÃ,›C&Þês†ÿXÌfµEöÑ+¶:ó„f''ñ]èåîOµDÔÝEp‚Jnž¥•ÿe¯•¹¤bç8ÉÈsŽú,x“‹“ä©ä¦¢‹T•.•äƒÝð1γ49=Á7j@—F$¤3eFN4ìrò‹œwGq $E¤že$x ÷ïéé§xRåŠYcÂ'j´¥,ÉdyˆUÜäa¾,³©ml-[Ò(&0Áx™rߟ˾½ÁKbZXc’"®¤*Gnç¿ôÐNM0à“AؔMONYò"ý"ä*•àÉ!ü¾ï|óðØõÂÖRIïRHrV,¸é÷iП•”w	tͶ:›åL:;)ämC½³ù.†Y	DïÆÞ÷ZŠFJœ†mîÀç8 Ûúè"ÓÝÚ=]eˆ”¨™ãGŒeËۀïµASÿ6¤•–§ 2ZêâŠFÞ`@TDàúüXËùêûS§a:µ†ÕM=,T&IRsÁ=¸Î†P¦°UYéd¨«z‡’´F«‘•*£“Ç#óÆ´aq¦Þ¯”Ne)5¶Àë½â*êÙ*£i&AŽHü™Fρ¹uY“iP½r¾ÍSr†L«,P…÷‚¤+æl7ÙVÇúî¶Òƒ«(­W	‹‰¦©Bv¢*1“žyaý5qi Òm•¶¦—Ï_ЩË	Ó#ï(ßᨤ½†zY)`šçV‡µ…"““,¤óðǝÌÚ¬ÒR¨ ñZ¶Êë"¾Ë2±À8Á~sF¨š“?ÿÖùÞÝP²«R; Üåv‘òûÿ-aËós½‹m”£%G˾r4Ð^¥I,ˆ72…}¿1Ûþ&n¤ÓVäk^½šzwòî.YãxV•#’¥äŠ1»±'*€Ÿ„gÓ[õRßs.ö,:„dÂàˆÕ{ü´´ïþ£¢j}Á{Ï9QEê$`Ü7`(ôœ’C¡“¤mõu×X( ŒãïŸîpÌÌ~ƒÛJ—ý†G`ýWIÅKy–ÖõôÑÓÓÍ	’0À‡C32:íl?ªÚˆ®ÉmvmË_†p#ÛµHr­4ïµ¼²#ñh'tj”ýJ)ê•é*Ììèr™$:°#¥(´]¦¡êë{ÎÒÕÁ²³ {Êeûãk}]5d`¸—g™«ËG[¾V;–ÆÁ“Èó(Ð7c#*ìW4}M.àÍ$J	5)–lç’þššHò,Õµu/¸Öj($µÒ7û€é	Ó4»)Yjóq®§¹E	§F •Ä˜ã*ÀN>#€3Æ­¢ UMžÝž8¥…Öl™Kü·ÖÃež–¤×‹ä­tKô4åâXØý0lûòжØ䠐Rù«é|Hbd1¥$,Šyã¹^=tQiò*J¸SEm¹ÔÏDéQCXŸý¬ê^Œ˜ù6ŠQ­Å§¹ÓXíLÍp©…ÂŒ¢Ãâo?Šeк¬½H*«!4qi¢ì§›#l}ޚ-2×Q:F®é/ÀñæŠb¹TŸ2ŸÃWŽSNãedŒZ©‚ûi·¥;TZåZ‹L!r4eòáŸpänò+k~9½[í7¹‹$J·ŠˆdÜ£ƒz®>zÑ©I*"s%·¡r"çaKp>è"[WùÉLax̎DEr«2ŸÞ=¸µ+ºä£Gÿ×ùŠ¥ÔLQ}	經±¦oz$¦¯¸ÄÛb…îIäcóÐÏ(¸äšt‚Wû­[c(ÁN".§+““ÛIŸO	1ÑÍ8£Yï5sOLÁ¤°‘ûŒíw+vïSh´‹kM3ùð̸å±ÛKrC4“ŠfeÖA:^°ô…m©áFW±ï‘ÉçHžìt6Cu—¬èºfºeûÂWR#O4Mº}ê줄=ԄÝåÑG¤ß°:1ö‰Ó·[Åe"L¤AUIT’!LE*ä0#vv2ä¢xä"l´½QiºÁ'¸N­.$v€ðù÷ˆç)ïæ3|:â×*†FIð/×6Þ¡¶oò}ªÚû`þôKõb½Kóc9¤(Ù<†çïÖkE¨šHŒr¡Ãýu1›Œ‰D%’œýú”W¨.p"ˆ¤ð£=c~¦¦JF$ê[‘Á—Ð)Ü»Ôê5z™)­«‰DIB5øP.ÕÛ%"'êÊâp#Œg亖YwVWS"gðUÎÐÁFûð8ÕnÈè[ºõY‚½Èº}o9Çàq£P~Ì5[ÄC;•#Å"78Ïlñë«XäÁsE“yz*‰ÅÛ)=DϵU/®r~Ωcrku¸Ni.Ωé»íMs]#·ÈV¦(f.Š(7sc[påIi¾™ Û´€iþH+øèýM{#ÿÐùl†@I^}s¤íFªvJÑH¾eéã¾üt) šdÉÛò$‘Ûõ:[a¤Dè‚-ïÀÈvôÑ&î‘M*¶aÌd,¯ôl`~zµ|&S]跅éąNb̑é¥;N†*jÉeYiȇ|`W)Û9s K÷³;DÀN„nVNTècàf¿r/yB|œÿ#¢ÑîVµØ/o½ÖÑ@"E(;ã þ¥†³Ïl|r4‰c–9œ¸O· =´¶š2ÌJQ·#g=ÁäcCa¤mLp•ö“áĨŒÝ”d¶ÇÏïÑÕDüÌ¥LbŠŽ¡‘ƒ$Ùü¦C»Œ°ôÉîÚ~ßö’kÜc¶[Wö‰˜PøÒ¼r*ËJ|Žp|ƒèÙ¾ááë3›q«þ/ëPåÑzùk®ŠçbYcxÖ*_˽~ 9QŽÇkjcâWìTùT?g*öäT$‡T¯o¿-¬­L©QEQ‘4e>N9_Ôj¸.ÌUI²Ù¾9ÿRm?«“_CZu¦tb›IáXq÷usmrTi¢ÌMHÆBnáC’út¦°ÓT‹†8ŸsðŒpZAê #J¶¶âžæ‘nŠ%)7Œ¬Ä˼ñƒÛ½ÖcisdU4í+®Â¦&>cáaÇàUq¢„éoÏæT£l™ig4ŠµñÏæ4·;æƒQk‚xª¶ƒâF|¬T•;¹~:f1d÷E…«…Îwdú]ƒCDÍ#›S°b8PFpïѵå@§»tÔuÐOûb¬ÃDˆwJÀ³É+·Ô×#‘é{-ËÆ­ntŽ‰ƒ¦k­Ò~Î+_ŒçÆË+„8ÇÔú¸ÖL–¶fˆ×(£í–áGžjš–šnP˨ޑËçëð—·æ<‰;1ë¬ãh¯p¿PÐÓÑ%Ê	Ç흊†’Ý#“ꌥRô/Ü¿µ/a{¨:ÆᖣÃxë<#!Ž<(ùñ2Ã!Ö@ØÛñi¸ºw^ÀO2—æ/³–|ä»Y¶“È»A wÀÓ×[ [$¥Ëñ°p?}4I&¶ESOvyæfl¬kµG¢ä×:šRÄr˸9ϕ@_ë¨â¨‹’FHŒ>óᨑ[n=3óô;ÝYN+’Í,ÌÀ»,‘©œŽ8wÒgÛg¿ï‹üÏK$‹A4ƒ"N9ì¿1Žú‘ŠsK±M½,¦ŒÒFþ7¼:¸RÊ®ë½v·†sÁ`6ç±Ü“9)Qr†ßp†š–¦Þì¤'‹$ÛöFÏfàîýÓåÿÎqm¦6)¤¨c‹ª«ú¢ˆZn2h¨€¬6”³@Nxùa´§ÃÝ~¨Å={­ö¿y“t4´QDÀ•ÞîÏێÞQé«]îÊ}Kì„Ëåúùp”Mp•¦U9UϑkN,P[#>L²|=P²³.쟾~âß嬝Róšz@zŽ`—ø=Bü÷gì?¹WÔí¤;±$þW‰nG°·iê:‹=ʎ°bGbÐçã^Ì?CÆ´øv˜…:;¥®ço¸ÑEYJâH¥PÊùÖW4'bOZI3uÿLÇ	š5žOv-´>Aõ ¯~¶ŸÑ!Y=HcZΨÀÚ© ûÞ£±ü="¾£oè-õgCº…Z®±(Òº(υàø È@á$rWËûÛ|ºvï#g̀	à(»´äª™QbBàÇ0R2}PŸÏ=6ßtÌdØc9Ý;¨ ’>¿Ž4Q«¿` boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-337 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-330 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-324 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-325
When Katie’s parents on the dance floor, her dad actually picked up his wife, squeezed her a bit, and spun her around. We wish Katie and James a lifetime of love just like her parents! Check out more of Nicole Chan Photography‘s fabulous images in the gallery below.
Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-389
Featuring: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA | Nicole Chan Photography, Quincy, MA | One Step Ahead band
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We’re thrilled to post another wedding taking place in the Berkshires! Wilson Stevens bands have performed numerous weddings at the Cranwell Resort in Lenox, MA, so we’re very excited to feature Kristen and Andy’s fall wedding at the venue featuring Encore.

Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0008 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0003 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0033 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0039 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0045 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0047

With the help of Katie O’ Weddings and Events, (and Cranwell Resorts’ stunning views!) the reception was a fall fairytale with pops of amazing color. The couple’s energy radiated to the dance floor where the entire reception danced til the last minute! Check out all of Elario Photography‘s exciting photos in the gallery below.

Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0052 Cranwell-Resort-Wedding-Photos_0053 KristenAndy_1379_Edit KristenAndy_1685_Edit KristenAndy_1675_Edit KristenAndy_1686_Edit
KristenAndy_1696_Edit KristenAndy_1722_Edit KristenAndy_1731_Edit KristenAndy_1732_Edit KristenAndy_1735_Edit KristenAndy_1752_Edit KristenAndy_1763_Edit

Featuring: Cranwell Resort, Lenox, MA | Elario Photography, Albany, NY | Katie O’ Weddings and Events, Troy, NY | Encore band

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Great wedding band reviews are common here at Wilson Stevens, but sometimes a client goes above and beyond in praise of our artists. So once a month we like to feature our favorite, most touching, or just downright thoughtful testimonials on the Blog

Amanda and Ben's Myopia Hunt Club Wedding Featuring Eye 2 Eye 8/16/14 - Ned Jackson Photography

Amanda and Ben’s Myopia Hunt Club Wedding Featuring Eye 2 Eye 8/16/14 – Ned Jackson Photography


Myopia Hunt Club – August 16, 2014, Hamilton, MA

“I was so impressed with how talented Eye 2 Eye was. Their sound was incredible- they were perfect! They played all our requests and their choice of songs had everyone up dancing all night long! Breaks were seamless and perfectly timed.

I can’t say enough about this group. We felt so lucky to have been able to book them for the wedding and waited in anticipation for a year. They were better than we could have imagined! From the minute they started playing they have 250+ guests up dancing the entire night! Our guests were having so much fun thanks to their talent and professionalism. They helped make our dreams of a great party come true and helped to create great memories. Our guests cannot stop talking about how amazing they were and I just can’t say enough about them! Thank you Wilson Stevens and Eye 2 Eye!”

-Amanda Whelan


Nonantum Resort Wedding – May 16, 2015, Kennebunkport, ME

Performance Review:

1) Quality of Music: Excellent. They sounded great!

2) Choice of Music: Excellent. They did a great mix between classic wedding music and top 40.

3) Grooming and Attire: Excellent. They looked great!

4) Emceeing: Excellent. They did a great job announcing our wedding party, the toasts, etc.

5) Break Schedule: Excellent. No one had any complaints about the break schedule.

6) Use Wilson Stevens again?: Yes. Everyone at Wilson Steven Productions was very quick in responding to any of our questions.

7) Use artist again?: Yes. Debbie Tjong was very easy to work with, and she let us know if there was any missing information regarding our event beforehand.

“Radiance did a phenomenal job at our wedding! All of our guests came up to us during and after the reception and raved about the band. We couldn’t be happier with their selection of music and the fun atmosphere they created at our wedding!”

-Cheri Wiggin


Golf Club of Avon Wedding – May 16, 2015, Avon, CT

“We heard rave reviews about The Hub and were so beyond pleased with them for our wedding date. They were amazing through all my crazy song change requests! I could not have asked for a better band to work with!”

-Laura Carlson


Black Point Inn Wedding – May 16, 2015, Boston, MA

“Signature was absolutely fantastic. They did a wonderful job reading the crowd and selecting songs that kept the dance floor full! We have had so many compliments from our guests about how much they loved our wedding and in particular the band. We would highly recommend them to anyone and we couldn’t be happier with their performance at our wedding. Thank you!”

-Kathryn Skelly

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Sunny June days aren’t always a guarantee in Massachusetts, but Greg and Jacqui were blessed with perfect weather when they married last year at Nauticus Marina on Cape Cod. The scenery and decor were gorgeous, but what stands out in Cassandra Summer‘s photos of their special day are the smiles! The couple clearly knew what was important, and amazing celebration with family and friends, complete with a rockin’ performance from The Connection!

IMG_6665 IMG_6702 IMG_6727

Located in Osterville, one of most picturesque towns on Cape Cod, Nauticus Marina is a truly exceptional waterfront reception venue. With a small-scale working lighthouse and slips filled with large-scale yachts, colorful nautical flags snapping in the breeze and seaside sunsets, nothing says ‘Cape Cod wedding’ quite like it.

IMG_6855 IMG_6861-599x900 IMG_6984-1350x900 IMG_6986 IMG_7090 IMG_7147 IMG_7251 IMG_7371 IMG_7410 lo-IMG_7406-1349x900

Featured: Cassandra Summer Photography | Nauticus Marina, Osterville, MA | The Connection band

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