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July 10, 2015   Leave a Comment

Great wedding band reviews are common here at Wilson Stevens, but sometimes a client goes above and beyond in praise of our artists. So once a month we like to feature our favorite, most touching, or just downright thoughtful testimonials on the Blog

Nicole and Mike's Wedding at Fairmont Copley Plaza featuring Encore - Eric McCallister Photography

Nicole and Mike’s Wedding at Fairmont Copley Plaza featuring Encore – Eric McCallister Photography


Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Wedding – June 20, 2015, Boston, MA

Before we jet off on our minimoon tomorrow, I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you and the rest of Encore for making our wedding so unforgettable!! We had multiple guests say they were the best band they’d ever heard, and one friend from Chicago asked them if they travel for weddings! It brought me so much joy to see a packed dance floor all night, and we have Encore to thank! I also loved how excited they were about our first dance and greatly appreciated the time before the reception to practice.

I think the fact that one of our guests already booked Encore after seeing them says it all!

Thanks again!
-Nicole Landa


Atlantic Beach Club Wedding – May 30, 2015, Newport, RI

Dave was very easy to work with and always quick at responding. One Step Ahead played most of the songs that we had put on our “ songs to play list.” They played a great mix of old and new songs that had the entire wedding dancing all night! Thank you!

-Christina Dash


Omni Park House Hotel Wedding – June 13, 2015, Boston, MA

My husband and I mean it when I say Splash is phenomenal. They totally made the party. Not only their performance but the way they melded with the crowd/guests was awesome and was an excellent touch – everyone loved it! Our guests (several of them) have repeatedly said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! I know this is not much constructive feedback so not sure how helpful it is, but we truly have nothing to complain about. I need to impress upon you how happy we were with the Splash!!!!! Thank you to all of them!!!!

-Alexandra Adams


Nantucket Hotel Wedding – June 20, 2015, Nantucket, MA

We were beyond happy with The Connection!!! We got so many compliments on how amazing the band was! They listened to our requests and had people of all ages dancing all night long. Joey was always quick to respond and really awesome to work with.

We loved having them as our wedding band! They were so much more than your average wedding band!!!

-Julie Casey

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Something about a New Years Eve wedding just seems to have an extra buzz of excitement! That was definitely the case when Brian and Caitlin tied the knot on New Years Eve at the Royal Sonesta. All the champagne and sparkles (and additional party favors!) really set the stage for an amazing celebration. Top it off with a performance from Beantown, and you’ve got a packed dance floor without even having to go outside for fireworks! Check out all of Erica Ewing Photography‘s electric photos below and in the gallery!

08-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 05-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 11-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography

35-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 23-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 37-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 38-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 40-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 43-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography

32-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 44-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography

29-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 45-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 46-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 47-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography

Featuring: Royal Sonesta, Boston, MA | Erica Ewing Photography | Florist: Mahoney’s Garden Center | Cake: Icing On The Cake | Beantown band

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July 7, 2015   Leave a Comment


Less than an hour after Beth and Rich were married they decided to take a quick stroll across the Public Garden bridge in Boston. Photographer Jim Canole loved the idea and within 10 minutes they were rewarded with tons of lovely images! They couple eventually made their way to the Fairmont Copley Plaza where they dined and danced the night away with Protege. Congratulations to this up-for-anything couple on their special day!

BETH-RICH-0468-2758 BETH-RICH-0447-2715 BETH-RICH-0715-7471 BETH-RICH-0724-7483 BETH-RICH-0807-3242 BETH-RICH-1071-3714 BETH-RICH-1073-3716 BETH-RICH-1089-3755 BETH-RICH-1139-3847

Featuring: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA | Jim Canole Photography | Protege band

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June 19, 2015   Leave a Comment
Nicole Chan

“Told by so many people it was the best wedding band they have ever seen!!!! Thank you!!”

When the bride sends a note like that, you know it was a great party! Katie and James chose the Fairmont Copley Plaza for their wedding this spring, and One Step Ahead to provide fantastic entertainment. The couple took advantage of the Fairmont Copley’s exquisite decor, opting for neutral tones with gold and pink accents that created a truly elegant and glittering setting.
Nicole Chan Nicole Chan ⲯ–DÎ~,žÿgXqb¾lÙ<žÔ†ª¦x+bñ¢‘ڝ–8i–ÉdnïOµ­	8Òù¾a*[=ûºGÙmúª¢'¨T¢§‘FÉ÷»•B{/›7.Tö+ƈ½ÔRSÕ+:ÕLñï†c¹J·ï;<ÍåÒüKìZT6XºLt݂8êÊSÔ¾MB•,Xœà8ÈÙþ±—4÷¡°•";­æZ§÷( 'Ê9.Ñ»@Ço]¿•Ü,°i"z+Ž¶*‹2S´QüDs‘,nëñD_'áõø|»ƒß~àiIlÁTÝwŠÕ4‹rf–›{ÒÃ1ĬW6äà¶÷ôÖ×m‰mþíÕ=eON®CÆõ ©”@ßFœº–A´ú?4Û±y2I$g¢/ûÔÍ<“xžv%ŽT“Üþ:¦	=‰‚N· ¶ÓÜë,3¥1©ñ‘€elxRyÜXiqI&¹A¹º]¥aš•³ÙŒ,ú«Wí.„©i䧭¸ÊK/‡Uîë$lvå<¤ÙÈú2|ڏ؉.ÕäŽV…¶	08ä=mRHŒ÷PÝÚÝf†¢wM°ÆǞGá£Å‹T©“&˜ÙnßíNÆôËÊϖ]¯ Ù!`8ÿÔÃcGöi.+:|™žë얽KKmJy•âfÊÇ-‚£Ê€ù”·÷N†ˆ©ý¦En¸ËmU¸„`Çŕ<7ë§ãéíX©f§C7¶NœÚQÖDOhÖ$äöÀÚÚ?	ýñ/ܤþѨ,é_~ó-uóDÌÌW rxãýp:fÂN+“ž^®Þü°š¨U±´‚I”€]]ˀÊ{2çÓþÎÇãS•ò	’fQE<d†ˆ¬ä7(äO¿NŠå.ÌpIÃÊebïV’f (sø|*5ÎkcjhLž/W‰Wávð5ь­Y‰Æ¶42îR g€=uz¬­']µû/EX'¿¢x‹ji"æRTcÌ플|	þö±·¢Õ¾Y¦Ö­vÛªˆ ³[££øÑxm'ùŒ±äÿÇ«R²KUtÖºá3°åXÄl™fÉ۝¾cÏÕÕUöS	ÒÙêjfŽ(ëž"Ë! ´|òÙ9Ç]ÝÖÂe*Vëj3GZ–ÁTՑӤQ¤ÞPÌ}m Ö^£ñNè²:_õf‹f—óhèÖí‰ê_^h¤…%`¬˜UPÇ8<ûu¥;¡G¡ŒF¨€|‰ØyïŸLgRR²ã¶ÇÿÕã3ûFê‰i‹-Bôãd(ïŽXï×!tNŽÃêe@:û­Ö²MõsI&9&F.;úg¶q”äùÒUÈ-ț‰Þ¬€|*uŠqó"ö?µMÓ^4ÔRE<s쒲žVÃ,›C&Þês†ÿXÌfµEöÑ+¶:ó„f''ñ]èåîOµDÔÝEp‚Jnž¥•ÿe¯•¹¤bç8ÉÈsŽú,x“‹“ä©ä¦¢‹T•.•äƒÝð1γ49=Á7j@—F$¤3eFN4ìrò‹œwGq $E¤že$x ÷ïéé§xRåŠYcÂ'j´¥,ÉdyˆUÜäa¾,³©ml-[Ò(&0Áx™rߟ˾½ÁKbZXc’"®¤*Gnç¿ôÐNM0à“AؔMONYò"ý"ä*•àÉ!ü¾ï|óðØõÂÖRIïRHrV,¸é÷iП•”w	tͶ:›åL:;)ämC½³ù.†Y	DïÆÞ÷ZŠFJœ†mîÀç8 Ûúè"ÓÝÚ=]eˆ”¨™ãGŒeËۀïµASÿ6¤•–§ 2ZêâŠFÞ`@TDàúüXËùêûS§a:µ†ÕM=,T&IRsÁ=¸Î†P¦°UYéd¨«z‡’´F«‘•*£“Ç#óÆ´aq¦Þ¯”Ne)5¶Àë½â*êÙ*£i&AŽHü™Fρ¹uY“iP½r¾ÍSr†L«,P…÷‚¤+æl7ÙVÇúî¶Òƒ«(­W	‹‰¦©Bv¢*1“žyaý5qi Òm•¶¦—Ï_ЩË	Ó#ï(ßᨤ½†zY)`šçV‡µ…"““,¤óðǝÌÚ¬ÒR¨ ñZ¶Êë"¾Ë2±À8Á~sF¨š“?ÿÖùÞÝP²«R; Üåv‘òûÿ-aËós½‹m”£%G˾r4Ð^¥I,ˆ72…}¿1Ûþ&n¤ÓVäk^½šzwòî.YãxV•#’¥äŠ1»±'*€Ÿ„gÓ[õRßs.ö,:„dÂàˆÕ{ü´´ïþ£¢j}Á{Ï9QEê$`Ü7`(ôœ’C¡“¤mõu×X( ŒãïŸîpÌÌ~ƒÛJ—ý†G`ýWIÅKy–ÖõôÑÓÓÍ	’0À‡C32:íl?ªÚˆ®ÉmvmË_†p#ÛµHr­4ïµ¼²#ñh'tj”ýJ)ê•é*Ììèr™$:°#¥(´]¦¡êë{ÎÒÕÁ²³ {Êeûãk}]5d`¸—g™«ËG[¾V;–ÆÁ“Èó(Ð7c#*ìW4}M.àÍ$J	5)–lç’þššHò,Õµu/¸Öj($µÒ7û€é	Ó4»)Yjóq®§¹E	§F •Ä˜ã*ÀN>#€3Æ­¢ UMžÝž8¥…Öl™Kü·ÖÃež–¤×‹ä­tKô4åâXØý0lûòжØ䠐Rù«é|Hbd1¥$,Šyã¹^=tQiò*J¸SEm¹ÔÏDéQCXŸý¬ê^Œ˜ù6ŠQ­Å§¹ÓXíLÍp©…ÂŒ¢Ãâo?Šeк¬½H*«!4qi¢ì§›#l}ޚ-2×Q:F®é/ÀñæŠb¹TŸ2ŸÃWŽSNãedŒZ©‚ûi·¥;TZåZ‹L!r4eòáŸpänò+k~9½[í7¹‹$J·ŠˆdÜ£ƒz®>zÑ©I*"s%·¡r"çaKp>è"[WùÉLax̎DEr«2ŸÞ=¸µ+ºä£Gÿ×ùŠ¥ÔLQ}	經±¦oz$¦¯¸ÄÛb…îIäcóÐÏ(¸äšt‚Wû­[c(ÁN".§+““ÛIŸO	1ÑÍ8£Yï5sOLÁ¤°‘ûŒíw+vïSh´‹kM3ùð̸å±ÛKrC4“ŠfeÖA:^°ô…m©áFW±ï‘ÉçHžìt6Cu—¬èºfºeûÂWR#O4Mº}ê줄=ԄÝåÑG¤ß°:1ö‰Ó·[Åe"L¤AUIT’!LE*ä0#vv2ä¢xä"l´½QiºÁ'¸N­.$v€ðù÷ˆç)ïæ3|:â×*†FIð/×6Þ¡¶oò}ªÚû`þôKõb½Kóc9¤(Ù<†çïÖkE¨šHŒr¡Ãýu1›Œ‰D%’œýú”W¨.p"ˆ¤ð£=c~¦¦JF$ê[‘Á—Ð)Ü»Ôê5z™)­«‰DIB5øP.ÕÛ%"'êÊâp#Œg亖YwVWS"gðUÎÐÁFûð8ÕnÈè[ºõY‚½Èº}o9Çàq£P~Ì5[ÄC;•#Å"78Ïlñë«XäÁsE“yz*‰ÅÛ)=DϵU/®r~Ωcrku¸Ni.Ωé»íMs]#·ÈV¦(f.Š(7sc[påIi¾™ Û´€iþH+øèýM{#ÿÐùl†@I^}s¤íFªvJÑH¾eéã¾üt) šdÉÛò$‘Ûõ:[a¤Dè‚-ïÀÈvôÑ&î‘M*¶aÌd,¯ôl`~zµ|&S]跅éąNb̑é¥;N†*jÉeYiȇ|`W)Û9s K÷³;DÀN„nVNTècàf¿r/yB|œÿ#¢ÑîVµØ/o½ÖÑ@"E(;ã þ¥†³Ïl|r4‰c–9œ¸O· =´¶š2ÌJQ·#g=ÁäcCa¤mLp•ö“áĨŒÝ”d¶ÇÏïÑÕDüÌ¥LbŠŽ¡‘ƒ$Ùü¦C»Œ°ôÉîÚ~ßö’kÜc¶[Wö‰˜PøÒ¼r*ËJ|Žp|ƒèÙ¾ááë3›q«þ/ëPåÑzùk®ŠçbYcxÖ*_˽~ 9QŽÇkjcâWìTùT?g*öäT$‡T¯o¿-¬­L©QEQ‘4e>N9_Ôj¸.ÌUI²Ù¾9ÿRm?«“_CZu¦tb›IáXq÷usmrTi¢ÌMHÆBnáC’út¦°ÓT‹†8ŸsðŒpZAê #J¶¶âžæ‘nŠ%)7Œ¬Ä˼ñƒÛ½ÖcisdU4í+®Â¦&>cáaÇàUq¢„éoÏæT£l™ig4ŠµñÏæ4·;æƒQk‚xª¶ƒâF|¬T•;¹~:f1d÷E…«…Îwdú]ƒCDÍ#›S°b8PFpïѵå@§»tÔuÐOûb¬ÃDˆwJÀ³É+·Ô×#‘é{-ËÆ­ntŽ‰ƒ¦k­Ò~Î+_ŒçÆË+„8ÇÔú¸ÖL–¶fˆ×(£í–áGžjš–šnP˨ޑËçëð—·æ<‰;1ë¬ãh¯p¿PÐÓÑ%Ê	Ç흊†’Ý#“ꌥRô/Ü¿µ/a{¨:ÆᖣÃxë<#!Ž<(ùñ2Ã!Ö@ØÛñi¸ºw^ÀO2—æ/³–|ä»Y¶“È»A wÀÓ×[ [$¥Ëñ°p?}4I&¶ESOvyæfl¬kµG¢ä×:šRÄr˸9ϕ@_ë¨â¨‹’FHŒ>óᨑ[n=3óô;ÝYN+’Í,ÌÀ»,‘©œŽ8wÒgÛg¿ï‹üÏK$‹A4ƒ"N9ì¿1Žú‘ŠsK±M½,¦ŒÒFþ7¼:¸RÊ®ë½v·†sÁ`6ç±Ü“9)Qr†ßp†š–¦Þì¤'‹$ÛöFÏfàîýÓåÿÎqm¦6)¤¨c‹ª«ú¢ˆZn2h¨€¬6”³@Nxùa´§ÃÝ~¨Å={­ö¿y“t4´QDÀ•ÞîÏێÞQé«]îÊ}Kì„Ëåúùp”Mp•¦U9UϑkN,P[#>L²|=P²³.쟾~âß嬝Róšz@zŽ`—ø=Bü÷gì?¹WÔí¤;±$þW‰nG°·iê:‹=ʎ°bGbÐçã^Ì?CÆ´øv˜…:;¥®ço¸ÑEYJâH¥PÊùÖW4'bOZI3uÿLÇ	š5žOv-´>Aõ ¯~¶ŸÑ!Y=HcZΨÀÚ© ûÞ£±ü="¾£oè-õgCº…Z®±(Òº(υàø È@á$rWËûÛ|ºvï#g̀	à(»´äª™QbBàÇ0R2}PŸÏ=6ßtÌdØc9Ý;¨ ’>¿Ž4Q«¿` boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-337 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-330 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-324 boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-325
When Katie’s parents on the dance floor, her dad actually picked up his wife, squeezed her a bit, and spun her around. We wish Katie and James a lifetime of love just like her parents! Check out more of Nicole Chan Photography‘s fabulous images in the gallery below.
Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan Nicole Chan boston-fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-photos-setb-389
Featuring: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA | Nicole Chan Photography, Quincy, MA | One Step Ahead band
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