Covid-19: What’s Next for The Wedding Entertainment Industry?

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Some say we are in the third inning of a nine-inning ballgame. Sometimes it feels that way. As an entertainment company, we feel like we’re in a three-phase scenario, nearing the end of the first. We see these phases as:

#1: Reschedule, reschedule, reschedule
#2 Begin to perform in the short term (2020)
#3: Begin to perform in the long term (2021)

At present, we are focusing on #2, specifically, how to accommodate our upcoming weddings.

It’s a tough prospect. Like every other business, we have to weigh risk vs. reward. We all want to perform, but at what cost? 

Every state has different guidelines. 

Medical centers have differing opinions.

Politics are influencing the perception of medical determinations. 

So ultimately, we are forging our own path and doing what we feel we must.

Love Stories Co. //

We have formulated safety measures for July & August performances. Our goal is to mitigate risk to our artists & community while creating an excellent experience for all. These measures are as follows:

* We can perform in an outdoor, tented environment. We are unable to perform indoors.

* To maintain social distancing, we require additional space for the band. We hear a lot of talk about the distance between guests, but we have to create distance between band members, too. The act of singing is believed by some medical professionals to be a significant form of transmission.

While the space needed varies per band, here is an example of what we request for an 8 person band:

The performance area located under the tent must be a minimum of 26 feet wide, by 12 feet deep. This, in addition to a 6-foot distance between the band and dance floor.

* We cannot allow guests on the band-stand, or to physically interact with the artists (inside of 6 feet). As such, we’ll provide a sleek, protective stanchion in front of the band. 

* Our artists & personnel reserve the right to wear a mask. Such masks will be sleek, or festive in style (not surgical masks). We hope to reduce the use of masks over time, and our singers can not use them while singing. But again, we need to respect the discretion of our artists.

* We will provide a designated wireless microphone for toasts/ speeches. We will sanitize this microphone after each use.

* We request that you forward the final balance before the event to avoid unnecessary on-site interaction.

Some of the above may not sound ideal. But we are confident these safety measures can allow for a fantastic & safe form of entertainment. And of course, we also have options for cost-free rescheduling to available 2021 dates, when we hope such measures will no longer be necessary. Or, we can offer smaller ensembles so long as the event takes place in an out-door tented environment.

As for our Fall 2020 events and whether these safety measures will apply, this is a decision we’ll make ASAP. Like everyone else, we are taking things day by day, week by week.

Over these past few months, we’ve placed a high priority on treating people the way we want to be treated. Deposits, contracts, fees, they were all out the window. We created an “all hands on deck” approach to help families in any way they needed.

But now, as re-opening begins, we also must look towards protecting our artists & community. While flexibility is a cornerstone of our business, we cannot be flexible when public safety is at stake.


Q: What does all this mean if I want to hold an in-door reception at a time when you are only able to perform outdoors? What are my options?

A: We will refund your deposit and recommend other reputable entertainment companies who may be able to assist you.

There’s no judgment. We’ll respect your decision, and we ask you to respect ours.

We hate to keep using the word “unprecedented,” but nothing else seems to describe these times any better. We hope you’ll hang in there, focus on the positive, and take things day by day, as we are!

Stay well and let us know if you need anything.

The Wilson Stevens Team