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Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00007

On a beautiful spring day in April, the historic Tupper Manor became the perfect location for Jill and Mike to exchange their vows. The gorgeous New England architecture coupled with Meredith McCarthy’s elegant floral designs added a magical sophistication to the bride and groom’s special day. Following the ceremony, the couple and and their guests headed straight for the ballroom where SPLASH! kept everyone on the dance floor all night long! Even photographer Hadrien Dimier, said that out of all of the weddings that he has photographed at Tupper Manor, he’s “never felt the ballroom floor flex like that!” Check out more amazing shots from Hadrien Dimier!

              Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00066 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00095Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00013Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00128  Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00409 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00389 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00521 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00643 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00390 Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00648Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00039Wilson-Stevens-Productions-Splash-Band-Wedding-Hadrien Dimier Photographie-160422-00171


Featuring: Hadrien Dimier Photographie, Boston, MA |  Tupper Manor, Beverly, MA | Meredith McCarthy Floral Design, Ispwich, MA | SPLASH! band from Wilson Stevens Productions, Inc.



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