Rain, Rain, Go Away (?)

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Daylene Wilson Photographic

Daylene Wilson Photographic www.daylenewilson.com

With Hurricane Joaquin circling the Northeast this weekend, we figured what better time to share our thoughts on what many may consider a wedding day disaster: rain. Justin Wilson, Operations Manager here at Wilson Stevens Productions, shares his thoughts…

No one knows better than me the high hopes for cooperative weather on your big day. Countless weddings, many of which take place under tents, are planned with sunny skies in mind. But alas, weather doesn’t always oblige to the dismay of many families. But from my own personal experience performing at weddings, rainy day events are anything but disappointing…

Your guests, venue and all members of your team know that inclement weather wasn’t your ideal scenario. As a result I’ve seen time and time again that everyone involved will rally together to replace rainy weather with sheer joy. That may sound corny, but it’s true. One of the best, most over-the-top wedding receptions I’ve ever performed took place during a hurricane. Literally. Nothing makes guests and vendors want to support you more or work harder than rain on your wedding day. The result is a joyous occasion where everyone comes together to take the fun, excitement and joy to a new level.

So while we won’t blame you if you hope for sun, don’t be surprised when your special day isn’t the least bit dampened by inclement weather.”

And when all else fails, keep in mind the gorgeous photos that can result when Mother Nature intervenes! Check out what some of our favorite photographers captured when weather had other plans:

Hitched Studios


Joshua Behan Photography

joshua behan

Shannon Cronin Photography

shannon cronin

Brad Smith Photography

brad smith

Dan Aguirre Photography

dan aguirre