Royal Sonesta Wedding Featuring Beantown


Something about a New Years Eve wedding just seems to have an extra buzz of excitement! That was definitely the case when Brian and Caitlin tied the knot on New Years Eve at the Royal Sonesta. All the champagne and sparkles (and additional party favors!) really set the stage for an amazing celebration. Top it off with a performance from Beantown, and you’ve got a packed dance floor without even having to go outside for fireworks! Check out all of Erica Ewing Photography‘s electric photos below and in the gallery!

06-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography_Fotor_Collage 08-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 05-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 11-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography35-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 23-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 37-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 38-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 40-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 43-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography32-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 44-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography29-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 45-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 46-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography 47-NYE2015-Beantown-EricaEwingPhotography

Featuring: Royal Sonesta, Boston, MA | Erica Ewing Photography | Florist: Mahoney’s Garden Center | Cake: Icing On The Cake | Beantown band