Song Selection For Your Wedding Band

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As will be the case with many of our editorial blogs, this post is inspired by one of the questions most frequently asked by our clients each month:

“Do we choose the playlist for our wedding band?”

This is more than a fair question. A wedding in particular is such a personal experience that you should expect to play a role in the music featured at your event. In recent years we’ve encountered more and more families who hope to craft their own playlists for our bands to perform. While this may sound reasonable, our experience has proven this isn’t in your best interests.

Wilson Stevens artists require that you place significant trust in their ability to call songs throughout the event with your preferences in mind. This is a skill at which they excel, and what makes them truly unique. Such an ability separates good bands from great bands. 

And while our artists will always embrace your input in order to represent your musical tastes, they are unable to work with pre-determined playlists. Such a restriction would prevent them from doing what they do best.

Which songs our groups perform on any given night is made up of 3 primary factors:

1) Popular music that will create an amazing party. The band leader reads your crowd and all the age groups in attendance, calling songs accordingly.

2) General musical styles that fit into your personal preferences, in addition to 5-8 songs you do want to hear, and 5-8 you don’t.

3) What the band performs best.

This has been our formula for thousands of packed dance floors over the last 25 years. Our bands will also learn two new songs just for your event and you of course will choose all the material for your formal dances.

We’re not the only ones with this approach! features an article from wedding entertainment specialist Sera Goulding in which she muses:

“I tend to advise couples that although it seems like a good idea at the time, it really is best to leave the song choice and design of the band or DJ’s playlist to the experts. I myself (with a ‘slight’ tendency to feel I have to please everyone!) used to let clients take free reign of the playlist whenever they wished to be involved, and sadly it rarely worked as well as if the band could be left to their own devices to put something together themselves.”

Our bands’ Song Lists also play a role when discussing music for your wedding, as they are often scrutinized leading up to the event. Bear in mind that a band will end up playing roughly 40-45 songs in a four hour dinner/dance reception. Meaning if you are R&B fans, and the band plays 10 R&B songs, that would be about ¼ of all the music played that evening!

Our Song Lists are generally updated two or three times a year as each band learns new music throughout the season. Song-Lists are never truly up to date, as the bands are constantly learning new material for every event, in addition to keeping up with emerging trends.

Above all, Wilson Stevens aims to please and wants your special day to be personalized in every way. No two weddings are ever the same. The more you can tell your band about your musical preferences, the better they can cater to you and your guests. We empathize with the fear of handing over the reigns of such an emotional aspect of your special evening. But if you are willing to trust us when it comes to the soundtrack of your night, we promise you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the results. Just check out any of our recent testimonials!

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