Check Out The Wilson Stevens Mobile Site

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We are in the middle of a mobile revolution. Each hour, 16,000 babies are born, and 16,750 iPhones are purchased. Children are literally being born with mobile phones in their hand. 50 billion smartphone apps have been downloaded and data published earlier in the year in the Meeker report revealed that people check their smartphones 150 times a day! According to Morgan Stanley Research, people now access the internet from their smart phones with greater frequency than their desktops.

From TV to e-commerce, T-shirt design to choosing your wedding band, it’s official. Mobile can do ANYTHING. In response to changing needs and to better serve our clients, Wilson Stevens is constantly improving our end-to-end mobile site with the help of Verse Media.


Every corner of Wilson Stevens can be accessed right from your phone. And we have to admit, there are some pretty cool features in there. Our Video Center allows you to effortlessly call up videos of your band to show friends and future in-laws at a moment’s notice. We particularly love how you won’t be redirected to YouTube. And the easy to navigate Menu button allows instant transition to other areas of the site…


…like the Blog! Easily flip through photo galleries of the beautiful events at which Wilson Stevens bands perform, or set it to slideshow to gain insider perspective on what your band will look like performing at your venue. Checking out recent testimonials and contacting Wilson Stevens has also never been easier. Simply fill out the mobile form and you’ll be emailed availability and pricing.