A-List Artisans: emilie inc. photography | Joey Scott and the Connection Perform at Lisa & Peter’s Wedding | Migis Lodge 6/15/13

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It’s a special thing photographers do, capturing the most intimate moments in people’s lives. We are constantly amazed at the skill and sensitivity so many wedding photographers exhibit when working the numerous weddings at which our bands perform each season. Even more so when it is a weekend long affair! The good folks at emilie inc. photography are among this elite, and their talents shine through the photos from Lisa and Peter’s Maine wedding weekend where Joey Scott and the Connection performed in June. A three day affair, the couple invited loved ones to celebrate their union on Sebago Lake at the Migis Lodge.



The camping resort was the perfect setting for a host of lobster bakes, water activities, and sporting matches, all culminating in a rocking reception featuring a performance by Joey Scott and the Connection. Emilie and her crew did the lush landscape justice, capturing the juxtaposition of the woodsy setting with the elegant wedding decor perfectly.


Like us, Emilie feels privileged to have such intimate access to people’s lives. She takes pride in her company’s ability to bypass trendy techniques and gimmicks in favor of documenting the excitement and energy of each individual wedding in true-to-life style. And so it was most impressive to see Emilie’s ability to highlight the range of emotions Lisa and Peter and their family went through over the course of the weekend. The festivities were particularly affecting as they marked Lisa’s second wedding, having lost the father of her three children almost 12 years earlier on September 11, 2001.


From the emilie inc. photography blog:

Lisa is a 9/11 widow, her three children merely that when their father died almost 12 years ago. Following the first anniversary of the attacks in New York, her sweet family has retreated to Maine’s Migis Lodge every September after reading about it in a magazine. Migis is a sanctuary of sorts for them and the staff, extended family. They have all grown up and worked to heal together here. When Lisa started dating Peter seriously, he, too, would visit Maine. And like Lisa, he fell in love with this magical place as well. They said there was no other option for a location when they decided to marry, and booked their date at Migis two years ago.


Says Emilie, “The significance, the emotion, the importance of this weekend and the new beginning for these two families was felt by everyone, myself included. As a photographer and observer, I felt the enormity of this event and am so, so fortunate to have been there.”

The heartwarming moments were punctuated by bittersweet spaces, all of which Emilie captured with grace and dignity to produce a photo record of almost 2,000 images. Emilie, as well as Lisa and Peter, were gracious enough to share some of the photos with us, and so we’re honored to be able to share them with you in the gallery below.