New Video: The Summer Of Splash!

Sometimes a group of musicians comes together with a magic formula of personalities. Stir in some charisma, energy, and heaps of musical talent, and you get an ensemble that absolutely POPS. Splash! is constantly amazing us with their record-speed ability to master the latest Top 40 hits along with tried and true classics. And while the calls keep rolling in for this energetic 8-piece, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just have a look at what people have been saying all summer!

“There were several owners of event planning businesses in attendance, and being an event producer myself, we expect and look for only the best and that is what we got. The compliments from guests were never ending!!!”

“Splash! really made the night.”

“The Splash band was definitely one of the reasons that my wedding was amazing.”

“Jenn and I spoke a few times before the event and
I felt super comfortable during and after every conversation.”

“Excellent. Perfectly professional and festive.”

“Didn’t even notice when they took a break – seamless.”


“They kept our guests on the dance floor all night and they were RAVING about the band!”

“The best wedding band our guests had ever seen!”


“Even the songs that are overplayed at weddings (and usually cheesy) were fresh and AWESOME performed by these guys!”

“Ricardo was the man. He made sure that he was pronouncing everybody’s name correctly, and he was hilarious.”

“People couldn’t wait to dance to their music!
They jumped up from their tables after dinner – even before our first dance!”