August Wedding Band Showcase Featuring Eye2Eye, One Step Ahead, The Hub, Splash!

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We’re excited to return to the Crowne Plaza Boston Woburn this month for the August installment of Wilson Stevens’ Wedding Band Showcase Series. Last month we were thrilled to be at the Crowne Plaza, and Search PartyFreeStyleJoey Scott & the Connection, and Radiance impressed some excited brides and grooms. If you weren’t able to join us the last Saturday of July, you can check out photos and more here on the blog.


This month we’re back at it, with a totally different lineup to give you an even wider look at the array of entertainment options Wilson Stevens provides:

EYE2EYE is having their busiest summer yet, blowing the roof off of weddings, charity events and everything in between with their fresh mixes of R&B, Motown, Top 40, Jazz, Calypso, Reggae, and Classic Hits.

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One Step Ahead covers all the hits, from Aretha Franklin to Flo Rida. Don’t believe it? Check out the batch of fresh new videos they just released.

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The Hub‘s powerhouse vocalists Javan, Lindsay, and Michael blend seamlessly to form smooth vocal harmonies and strong leads and are not to be missed.

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Splash! officially makes this month’s showcase a family affair. Eye 2 Eye’s “sister band” has quickly become a showcase staple with their high-energy performances and dynamic rhythm section.

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Check out the video playlist below to get excited for Tuesday and brush up on your Wilson Stevens Boston Wedding Bands offerings. Learn more about Wilson Stevens Monthly Boston Wedding Band Showcase Series, see what other bands are showcasing this month, and RSVP here for free.  We’ll see you next week!