Welcome To The Wilson Stevens Blog

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We here at Wilson Stevens are excited about the advancements we’ve made when it comes to communicating with our clients and colleagues in the past few months. Our extensive YouTube channel boasts a vast selection of wedding band videos couples can browse in the privacy of their own home. Our Wilson Stevens Newsletter, now in its third month, allows us to keep in touch without keeping in touch. And we are thrilled our Facebook page has become a place where over 2,000 people are comfortable asking questions and sharing feedback, for which we are always grateful.

Since sharing is caring, it comes as no surprise that the next step for us was to create a platform where we can post all the photos, stories and ideas that come across our desks and into our heads. While a blog isn’t exactly breaking news, we wanted to take the time to carefully craft a place that will both showcase the work of our amazing bands, as well allow us to have a little fun.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to be part of your lives, your loves, and your computers. And with that we leave you with the below video, because like we said we’re here to have fun. Not as much fun as this couple, though.