The Good Word: One Step Ahead, FreeStyle, Joey Scott & The Connection

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Featuring almost 100 reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars, WeddingWire is a great place to get an idea of the quality of a Wilson Stevens wedding band. Every so often though we like to highlight the exceptional work of our hardworking musicians with what we call The Good Word.

One Step Ahead

“[One Step Ahead was] absolutely terrific. We’ve been getting texts and emails all day telling us how awesome the band was. “Shout” was a personal highlight. Thanks also for letting me do a song with you. It meant the world to my parents and my wife. Thanks again for everything – you took the wedding to another level and were even better than advertised.”

Gareth and Melanie, married July 13, 2013
Belle Mer, Newport, RI


“Debbie was amazing! She really listened to all of our wants and wishes and couldn’t ask for a better lead singer. The sound was great, at times I thought I was listening to the actual [original] artist! I didn’t stop dancing the entire night…music was just our style and the crowd didn’t want the night to end. FreeStyle, by far, is the best band I have heard at any wedding. The vocals were wonderful, the sax player was extraordinary and the night was something special we (and our guests) will never forget! I cannot wait to see the video!”

KC and Nicole, married July 6, 2013
Wequassett Inn, Harwich, MA

Joey Scott & The Connection

“All I have heard from everyone this week is how great [Joey Scott & The Connection] was. I have one friend who said, ‘Guess what I was doing all week?’ I guessed and he said, ‘No, I’ve been trolling the Joey Scott website. I love those people!’

You told me early on in this process that you wanted Caroline and Sean to walk away from their wedding and say they know it was the best wedding ever. Well, you accomplished that. We ALL loved the music…young and old. You are fabulous, and so is the rest of the band. I will never forget the brass section out in the crowd doing their thing…a highlight! Your female vocalists are amazing….really, I can’t say enough.

Thank you for everything. You were so easy to work with and so professional. I hope you get the chance to come back to Basin Harbor and play again some day.”

Sean and Caroline, married June 29, 2013
Basin Harbor Club, Vergennes, VT